LSG Product Demo

Hello everyone. I have been getting a lot of emails recently asking about the Lindy Stamp Gang products and how well they work on different mediums. I have decided to try out the Under the Boardwalk Flat Fabios for this whole demonstration and I will show you a quick fun project at the end. Here are the mediums used in this demo.



First, I used manila with no mediums and the colors come out more pastel and has quite the running/dripping. Does not soak in fast.


Second, is the plain white card stock- the color is vibrant with minimal running/dripping. Soaks in pretty fast.


Third, is plain white card stock with clear gesso. This has pretty good color but the colors run and muddy quite a bit. I would suggest using a heat gun between different colors.


Fourth, is plain white card stock with white gesso. Muted color with running and muddying noted.


Fifth, is plain black card stock. Color definition is not great and you are left with a milky/chalk look.


Here is plain black card stock sprayed with a Lindy Stamp Gang Starburst Spray. This has slight green hue with lots of gold colored shine.


Sixth, is black card stock with clear gesso.  Colors are very pastel and chalk like. Quite a bit of running and does not soak in quick.


Seventh, is plain white card stock with black gesso. Then end result is pretty much the same as the other black paper demos, colors are muted and milky.


Here, I have mixed Lindys Stamp Gang Magical- Shabby Turbine Teal with various mediums and air dry. Here you can see the difference on a black tag.


I always try my sprays and mica powders on different mediums before i use them on final projects. I do not waste my product though. What I like to do is stamp over the trial page, fussy cut out the images and add them to my art journal. I also used a butterfly punch which gave me amazing water colored looking pieces. Here is a double page spread I made utilizing my trial papers from this blog post.


art journal

Thank you for looking and I do hope this helps you on your next project.

Happy crafting!


Product list:

LSG- Under the Boardwalk Flat Fabio’s

LSG- Mermaid Starburst Sprays

LSG- Industrial Chic Magical: Shabby Turbine Teal

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