Mixed Media Poppies

Hello my friends! I am back on the blog today to share with you my latest mixed media project. I have not been able to spend much time on crafting lately but I had a few hours to spare so I decided to make a quick mixed media piece using the lovely Homegrown collection from 7 Dots Studio.


For this piece I took a piece of cardboard and ripped off the paper on one side to reveal the corrugated center. I gave the entire piece a few good coats of black gesso which helped stiffen up the old cardboard. I used my heat gun between layers to speed up the process. Once the black gesso was dry I added a very thin layer of white gesso making sure not to cover up all the black. I wanted the black/grey color as an accent to the piece.

I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical’s “Chateau Rose” and “Plumeria Pink” to make my own spray. These 2 colors together made the perfect color that matched the paper line.

(Tip: Mix and match magical’s with water or any other medium to make your own colors. You only need a very small amount of magical powder to get amazing color.)

I applied the color to the left hand side of the cardboard and allowed it to run onto the right hand side. This gave an amazing ombre affect.

I layered up some of the tags that came in the Homegrown Collection along with some paper scraps and glued them down with gloss gel. Them embellishments include clear and cranberry colored microbeads, cotton gauze, Cotton candy Dew Drops from The Robin’s Nest, gold mica flakes and UmWowStudio Poppy chipboard pieces.

Here is how the piece turned out.



If you have very little time to craft but feel the need to let your creative juices run, all you need to do is get out some basic materials, some of your favorite paper collections and start layering. You will be surprised what you can make in such a short time.

Thank you for looking and happy crafting!


Product List:

7DS- Homegrown Collection

7DS- Tags

Robin’s Nest- Cotton Candy Dew Drops

UmWowStudio- Chipboard poppy pods

LSG- Magicals

Gesso- Black and White

Mica Flakes


Soft Gloss Gel


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